New Chapter? New Book?

We often speak of our life as a book, where the more intensive transitions in time mark the shift from one chapter to the next. These intensive transitions are usually the result of:

* a change in relationship status
* a change in the family configuration (birth or death)
* a change in employment
* a change in residence (especially, a change in town/state)

I have journeyed through each of these transitions in the past 12 months.

June 2014:
After twenty-one years of desire, I was ordained into the Ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Although it marked a joyful transition, it was a transition in my employment.

August 2014:
After three and half years of marriage, John and I decided to divorce. We continue to remain friends, but the decision has enabled us to be the people who (we feel) God is calling us to be.

December 2014:
John was deployed overseas when we decided to divorce. Therefore I remained in our house until December, when I moved into an apartment. This change in residence also included a change in towns.

May 2015:
After a time of increasingly failing health, my grandma Peggy, passed away in May. She was the last of my grandparents.

So, to  recap:
Prior to June 2014, I was a married woman living with her husband (and at times a roommate). I was serving as the Youth Faith Formation Coordinator at The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd (Olympia). And although my grandma was a challenge, she remained an important loved one in my life.

Now (July 2015), I am a single woman living alone (confession: it is GREAT at times). I am serving as the solo pastor of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church (Kelso). And all my grandparents have now passed.

So, I beg the question. Is this a new chapter? Or is this another book, the second (third?) volume in a collection?

As these transitions have begun to settle, I have begun to settle more firmly into my new life, world, and reality.
(Hopefully, I will be more motivated and able to post regularly)

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