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Busy, Busy, Busy… But Why?

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Our texts for this week came from Ecclesiastes 1 and 2, and Luke 12.

Ecclesiastes means teacher or preacher, its a wise old sage giving advice about things that existed in his time but it seems to transcend time and place. [because] There are words of wisdom here about everything being vanity, every thing being vapor, here now and gone later whether it be our wealth, our prosperity, or our legacy.

In Luke, Jesus gives the parable of a farmer who has a ‘bumper crop’. [and] Instead of sharing that abundance with his community, he decides to tear down his barns, build new ones, and sit back and be merry. [and] Jesus says that God’s response is”You fool, even tonight your very life is being demanded of you”.

This weekend was the church camp out. So, I read these texts and I preached as we were gathered as a community around a fire pit in the middle of God’s beauty. We were surrounded by trees. We had deer walking around us. The beach was just a short walk away. And yet, these texts reminded us of what our everyday life is like; our everyday life is not one where we usually take time to rest, to be restored, to recharge our batteries.

Instead, we usually are busy, busy, busy and the question becomes ‘what are we busy with and why? What is the purpose?’

I am known as being an energizer bunny. I am always busy and yes at night my mind is often going continuing to keep me awake. I tend to keep myself busy for a number of reasons, but the ultimately the question is ‘is the things that I am keeping busy with and the reason I am keeping busy with them ultimately seeking God’s kingdom?’ Seeking the good things? Seeking a relationship with God? a relationship with Christ? a relationship with my neighbor especially maybe those who are in need?’ Or… am I staying busy to accumulate more wealth? to build up my reputation and my legacy? or am I staying busy to distract myself from some type of emotional un-fulfillment?

My invitation to you this week is to ponder what keeps you busy? why do you let that keep you busy? and is it ultimately serving the kingdom of God?


Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 1: 2, 12-14 and 2: 18-23 (24-25) and Luke 12: 13-21 (22-34).
Preached on 31 July 2016.

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