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Why I Am Single

It is amusing that I am often asked ‘why are you single’.

It is perhaps the most commonly posed question, second to ‘are you pregnant’.
I am not pregnant… I simply love carbs and tacos. Thank you. 

I have chosen singlehood at this time and am comfortable within it.
I have been single since deciding to divorce July 2014 and finalizing Feb. 2015.
During these 5+ years, I have not had a significant other or even been on a date.

Therefore, I decided with Valentine’s Day approaching to address the question.
The answer is not necessarily simplistic or short.

The question is often paired with a qualifier, including:

  • You are attractive/ intelligent.
  • You are established/successful.
  • You have a sense of humor/good personality.
  • You enjoy camping, mudding, shooting, whiskey, cigars, etc.

Thus, the simplistic, dismissive, and ‘easy’ response would be “I intimidate men”.

  1. I hope the majority of the male gender (CIS) would not be so easily intimidated by a woman who is able and willing to be at least their equal.
  2. It fails to recognize my singlehood as an active choice.
    If I chose to seek a significant other, I am confident that I could find a warm-bodied male who is able and willing. However, I am not confident that he would necessarily be the person I would need, or further want, as a partner in this life.

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