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The Power of the WORD

Countdown Video was "History 101: The Protestant Reformation" by National Geographic Disclaimers: You will notice I have notecards, which is not my normal. When I start talking about the lesser known elements of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, and Lutheran teachings it is like chasing a white rabbit down one rabbit-hole into another. Then baked… Continue reading The Power of the WORD

Lutheran Thought

Our Pets, the Law, and the Gospel

Metaphors lack significant explanation or comparison, however our pets demonstrate the need for Law and the Gospel. My husband and I recently rescued a 1-year-old pup, Highlander, and a young kitten, Valkyrie. These pets are absolutely crazy, but we love them. Highlander and Valkyrie have demonstrated some behaviors that are less than desirable, we can… Continue reading Our Pets, the Law, and the Gospel