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Mission Relay

Mission Relay


I told LeAndra before our service started that this is a weird Sunday in the Church year. It might not seem like it is, but it is because we are walking in this small time where we don’t fit into one season or another.

You might note that our hymn board reads as the Seventh Sunday in Easter. During Easter, we are on a journey with Christ after his resurrection. Yet, Thursday was the day of the Ascension, when Christ returned to the right hand of the Father in heaven. But, we are not to Pentecost yet where we receive the Advocate (or the Holy Spirit). That is next Sunday.

So we are in this strange time, when Christ as left us again and again we are not sure what to do.

This season we have been on a journey, which started with the miracle of the resurrection quickly leading us to seek a better understanding of who God is in our time and our place and who God is calling us to be with opened eyes, ears, and hearts. We have heard that this journey is not going to  be easy. We have heard that it is not all about us, it is not our work but rather the Holy Spirit working through us and our baptismal promises that will bring forth the kingdom of God.

Our text today does not lead us too far off our journey, because the disciples were told by Christ to continue his work. Read the rest of this entry »

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