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Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

This is an odd Sunday.

On Thursday, 40 days after the Resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven.
As seen on Facebook, “this is the day that Jesus begun working from home”.

And yet, the promised Holy Spirit has not arrived.

The disciples return to behind closed doors, similar to the in-between of Jesus’ death and resurrection, but without the fear.

The extended circle of disciples are spending their time in prayer.

I imagine with each day, these disciples are becoming impatient with a growing sense of being orphaned or abandoned for forever.

But, I have been pondering if this odd Sunday is oddly similar to our current situation.

  1. We are encouraged to work from our homes as able.
  2. We are encouraged to continue social distance, social isolation, and quarantine as able.
  3. We are becoming more impatient as it continues, especially with improving weather and a long weekend.
  4. We may be emotionally and/or spiritually restless, growing in a sense of being abandoned.

Arguably the disciples are praying for the Holy Spirit to come.
But, which Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is a paradoxical ‘person’ of the Holy Trinity. Read the rest of this entry »

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What is Unity?

Women, please raise your hands when a statement resembles you and keep them up.

  • You were or are a mother who also works outside of the home.
    (Thank you for your dedication to a multitude of vocations.)
  • You were or are a mother who stays/stayed home with her child/children.
  • Your child/children might have four legs and fur.
  • You are an aunt, perhaps a “good” crazy aunt, who sugars up the child/children and returns said child/children to their parents.
  • You are a teacher.
  • You are a medical professional, such as a nurse or doctor.
  • You nurture children (or others) whether they are your own or not.

I should see the hand of every women raised.
Happy Mother’s Day to each and every single one of you.

The Gospel of John can be a tongue twister, as read today, with repetitive wording causing one to be easily lost in the scripture. This can add to the fun of studying and preaching on it.

Our John 17 text is a prayer, but first, we find ourselves in an interesting spot of the church year…

  • Jesus has died and been resurrected.
  • The post-resurrection Jesus has spent time with the disciples, mostly in dark rooms, teaching them what it means to carry on his mission for the sake of the world.
  • Jesus, as of Thursday, has ascended to heaven and is not on earth with his disciples.
  • YET, the Holy Spirit has not arrived to ‘move’ the disciples from those dark rooms.

This John 17 prayer is spoken by Christ before his arrest, conviction, crucifixion, and resurrection. He is aware that his time with the disciples is limited and asks that after his departure the disciples will be unified, be of one mind in their teachings and living into their mission.

Therefore, this Sunday is the Sunday for Christian Unity.

When I hear “unity” and ponder it while bearing witness to our world, I wonder if we know “unity” because I see divisions and separation everywhere. That is quite the opposite of unity.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Mission Relay

Mission Relay


I told LeAndra before our service started that this is a weird Sunday in the Church year. It might not seem like it is, but it is because we are walking in this small time where we don’t fit into one season or another.

You might note that our hymn board reads as the Seventh Sunday in Easter. During Easter, we are on a journey with Christ after his resurrection. Yet, Thursday was the day of the Ascension, when Christ returned to the right hand of the Father in heaven. But, we are not to Pentecost yet where we receive the Advocate (or the Holy Spirit). That is next Sunday.

So we are in this strange time, when Christ as left us again and again we are not sure what to do.

This season we have been on a journey, which started with the miracle of the resurrection quickly leading us to seek a better understanding of who God is in our time and our place and who God is calling us to be with opened eyes, ears, and hearts. We have heard that this journey is not going to  be easy. We have heard that it is not all about us, it is not our work but rather the Holy Spirit working through us and our baptismal promises that will bring forth the kingdom of God.

Our text today does not lead us too far off our journey, because the disciples were told by Christ to continue his work. Read the rest of this entry »

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