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Diversity and Love

This morning we encounter two of my favorite passages paired together.

In fact, it was this pairing three years ago that the message continued to burn within me after the service and I recorded a Facebook video, which led to recording sermon summaries and now full sermons.

These complement the previous two weeks and simplifies an over-arching theme in Scripture, but I will attempt to avoid this becoming a long-winded rant.

This weekend I have been at A World A’Fair in Dayton, which is an annual festival of histories, dance, items, and foods from 30+ different nations. It was a rich sampling of the beautiful, unique, and diverse experiment that is the United States. Yet, this richness in races, ethnicities, and cultures have an unfortunate and continued history of tension and conflict due to said diversity.

This is not unlike the experiment that is Christianity. Christianity is practiced in virtually every nation, by individuals of every race, ethnicity, nationality, and culture as well as every socio-economic status, gender identity, sexuality, political affiliation, etc.

Christianity is beautiful, unique, and diverse with billions of Christian practitioners, in millions of congregations, and in thousands of differing denominations. Christianity had, has, and unfortunately will continue to experience tensions and conflicts due to said diversity.

Yet, Christianity was almost not so rich. Read the rest of this entry »

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