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Just Business

We had a slight rest on Sunday from the summer focus.

We have spent the summer in the Gospel of Luke, which a number of preachers hate because the scriptures focus on money, wealth, and material resources. It is a difficult topic for most within our private lives, but more challenging in an alb (white robe) standing before the congregation.

Honestly, does any person excitedly look forward to stewardship drives?
I am noting several heads shaking “no”. 

So, on Sunday, we had a moment to breath.
Although the scripture did mention a lost coin, but the widow was seeking to find it.

I have argued that although Luke seems anti-money and anti-wealth, he is not.
In fact, Luke is the only Gospel account to address the financial support of Jesus’ public ministry, because ministry is not cheap. The financial support was from the wealthy women, including Mary Magdalene, who traveled with him and the male disciples.

Thus, our material wealth is a necessary piece of our lives and is not evil, but Luke and other authors of Scripture were concerned about how we use our wealth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Shrewd for God

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Our texts this week come from Amos 8 and Luke 16. The prophet (Amos) tells us that God will no longer tolerate corrupt business practice or the oppression of the poor. In Luke 16, we have an interesting parable with three interesting statements:

  • The first is that “the people of this age are more shrewd than the children of light. But, it almost sounds as though it is a compliment to the children of this age.
  • Next is “those who are faithful in little will be faithful in much”.
  • And three, “you can not serve two masters”.

First, when we hear ‘shrewd’ we often think of it in a negative condensation, but it means to think, to think out, thoughtfulness, [and] to consider.

We have two images that I want to share separately and then bring together for the take away. Read the rest of this entry »

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