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Why was Jesus Baptized? Why Affirm Our Own?

As I was scrolling on Facebook, I stumbled upon a post inquiring:If Jesus was without sin, why must he have been baptized? I love such questions that invite us to ponder our understanding and engage our faith. The Gospel accounts agree that Jesus’ baptism was the beginning of his public ministry. John the Baptizer was… Continue reading Why was Jesus Baptized? Why Affirm Our Own?


Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary

Today is the celebration (feast) of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus. We do have a common theme in our scriptures: water, Water, WATER. Baptism pre-dates Jesus’ ministry, for John (the Baptizer) was performing baptisms in the Jordon River before Jesus’ baptism and public ministry. Baptism is a ritual washing for ‘purification’. Our Isaiah (43)… Continue reading Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary


Baptism: Not Once in a Life-Time

YouTube Christmas and the Christmas season is officially done, because yesterday was the celebration of the Epiphany. However, a number of us are not aware of or lack knowledge about the Epiphany which celebrates the arrival of the wise men, who have been following the light of a star. When we hear “epiphany”, we think… Continue reading Baptism: Not Once in a Life-Time