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“Doubting Thomas”: Science & Religion

I have a deep appreciation for our scripture, known as “Doubting Thomas”.

The disciple Thomas is forever identified by this moment of so-called ‘doubt’ that is often embraced as a simple narrative about a contentious relationship between said doubt and faith.

And yet, it is not. The narrative before us is more complex and layered. It echoes with a truth that our world, our lives, and thus our faith does not exist in black-and-white alone, but rather upon an infinite gray-scale.

This complexity, and my appreciation, is rooted in a respect for the disciple named Thomas.

One. Thomas is practical and willing to speak difficult truth.
After the death of Lazarus, Jesus decides to return towards Jerusalem, and thus his own passion, crucifixion, and death. Although the disciples attempt to discourage Jesus, he is determined. It was Thomas, perhaps mimicking Eeyore, who said “Fine. Let us go to Jerusalem and die with him”.

Two. Thomas is not too proud, or ego-sensitive, to admit a lack of understanding and to ask questions.
Prior to Jesus’ arrest, he foretells of his death, resurrection, and ascension to the disciples. Although the disciples are confused, it is Thomas alone who raises his hand to pose questions; thus confessing his own lack of knowledge and further seeking to understand.

Three. Thomas does not demand more than the other disciples. Read the rest of this entry »

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Curiosities, Questions, Doubts?

Earlier this week on Facebook, I saw a cartoon that was perfect for this morning.

It depicted three disciples standing together.
The middle disciple says “Am I ever going to live it down?”.

Another disciple says, “Thomas, are you still on it?”.

Thomas replies:
“I don’t get it. We do not call Peter ‘Denying Peter’ or Mark ‘Run Away Naked Mark’. 

There must be a reason that this ‘doubt’ remains central to Thomas’ character as we have and will continue to forever intertwine ‘doubt’ with ‘Thomas’.

There must also be a reason that this is one of a few scriptures read in church EVERY SINGLE YEAR and always the Sunday after the Resurrection (Easter).

I think this reason is that it speaks to our own journeys of faith as well as our own faith development and formation, but also our natural human character.

Please raise your hands:

  • if you were or continue to be the inquisitive one?
  • if you were or continue to always ask questions?
  • if you, perhaps, got into trouble for asking ‘too many’ questions?

Although I see a few hands, these are slightly lifted and hidden as though there is shame.
There is NO SHAME in being the ‘inquisitive one’.

We misunderstand ‘doubt’ as the opposite of ‘faith’, or even ‘belief’.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Believe It or Not…

“Doubting Thomas” is perhaps one of my favorite Sundays, which is always the Sunday after Resurrection/Easter morning.

Thomas is forever remembered for a single moment of doubt.

At times I wonder if we too are not remembered more for our moments of doubt than we are for our moments of faith. But doubt is an important part of our faith.

There are moments that happen in our lives that cause us to question because it defies our known reality and logic. Thus, we question our encounter.

“Doubting Thomas” always causes me to think about an Easter a few years ago.

I was serving as an Intern Pastor at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Olympia, Washington. My mother, step-father, sister, and her significant other were visiting from Arizona to celebrate Easter with me.

The following week, we decided to explore Seattle. After a walking tour in Pioneer Square, we decided to walk to Pike Place Market. My sister, Amanda, is a smoker and as we approached Pike Place Market she said “I have to smoke before getting into THAT crowd”. While the rest of us thought “Amanda, you JUST smoked”.

Note: Amanda was laughing because she knew it was true.

Amanda’s significant other was in a Starbuck’s phase at the time AND the original Starbuck’s is located in the Pike Place Market area. Therefore, we decided to walk to Starbuck’s so Amanda could smoke, he would see the Starbuck’s, and we all would have drinks for the marketplace.

As we walked to Starbuck’s, Read the rest of this entry »

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Doubt: Necessary for a Dynamic Faith


The celebration of Easter in the Church is 50 days beginning with the Resurrection and concluding with the Holy Spirit poured out onto the people at Pentecost. This Easter season recounts the post-Resurrection accounts of Jesus the Christ, our Risen Lord.


The morning of the Resurrection emphasizes Mary Magdalene and additional women arriving at the tomb of Jesus the Christ to anoint his body per custom. These women were expecting to encounter his corpus, but instead are greeted by the Risen Lord. He commissions them to bear witness to and share the good news of his resurrection with the others, including the inner-most circle of the eleven disciples.


These other disciples, except Thomas, are fearfully hidden in a dark room behind locked doors. These other disciples did not believe these witnesses of the Risen Lord until Christ appeared within their dark room. These disciples share their experience with Thomas, who similarly does not believe them.


We always wrestle with doubt and its relationship to faith the first Sunday after the Resurrection through the narrative of “doubting” Thomas. But, who is this “doubting” Thomas? Read the rest of this entry »

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Doubt? Ask and Seek

YouTube Video

Our text this Sunday is a common and familiar one, which is read each year the Sunday after the Resurrection. We know this story as “Doubting Thomas”.

On Palm Sunday, I talked about we all have had our moments when we have been Judas (the betrayer) and Peter (the denier); well, we all are “doubting” Thomas.

My question is, who is Thomas before the Resurrection, during this account, and afterwards?

Well, Thomas (according to John) is one of the twelve disciples of Christ, who prior to the Resurrection [Doubting Thomas] story we have two lines from him. Read the rest of this entry »


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