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Epiphany & Blessing

Today is the Epiphany, also known as Three Kings’ Day.

This is a weird time.

Christmas ended yesterday. Who still has Christmas decorations up?

(Rising my own hand). Although I may be a slicker, I am not a complete Grinch.

Tomorrow is the “Time after Epiphany”.

Epiphany is a special day in the church year celebrating the Wise Men, or Magi, or Kings, who visited the Christ-Child… but tends to be included in our Christmas story… so it seems strange.

These men, however, provide an Epiphany (or Revelation) about who this Christ-Child is, what the mission will be, and the ministry for that mission (we are called to continue).

We have a season to sort through the epiphanies and revelations, which will offer a new one each week until Ash Wednesday.

This first epiphany tends to focus on the gifts that these Wise Me brought, but I want to take a different focus.

We think of Advent as a time to prepare our homes, hearts, and lives for the Christ-Child, right?
Then, Christmas comes and we celebrate the arrival of our guest.

But Epiphany is a time to welcome others into our homes, hearts, and lives. Read the rest of this entry »

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Baptism: Not Once in a Life-Time


Christmas and the Christmas season is officially done, because yesterday was the celebration of the Epiphany. However, a number of us are not aware of or lack knowledge about the Epiphany which celebrates the arrival of the wise men, who have been following the light of a star.

When we hear “epiphany”, we think of the light bulb and “ah ha, I get it now” moments of revelation. Imagine the ‘ah ha’ moment of the wise men before the Christ child.

We are in a season called the Time after Epiphany, when we will look at the manifestations of who Christ is and what his public ministry/mission will be. Therefore, it is a season of light bulb moments (epiphanies). This season always begins with the Baptism of Our Lord.

It always begins with the Baptism of Our Lord for good reason for in all the Gospel accounts (especially in Mark), it is the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. It is also one of the biggest “ah ha” moments for Jesus, John, and the community as a whole (depending on the Gospel account). Read the rest of this entry »


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