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Compassion, Generosity, & Abundance

Our scriptures from Isaiah, Psalms, and Matthew are inter-connected with the themes of Compassion, Generosity, Abundance, and … Food.

In the days prior to my grandma Peggy’s death in 2015, she was informing the care-home staff that her husband was hungry and waiting on his plate. My grandpa Bill had died in 1987. Thus, the morning that our grandma died, my sister envisioned that grandpa became impatient and he took her out for breakfast. An uncle, however, informed her that there is no food in heaven, to which she replied “then I don’t want to go there”.

Thankfully for Amanda, myself, and perhaps a few of you, the Gospel of Luke is continually painting the image of heaven as a grand banquet with space, food, and drink abundant enough for all people.

We know that food is important for our physical wellbeing.

Perhaps, the majority would agree that home-cooked, comfort food is important for mental and emotional wellbeing.

But, can food be important for our spiritual wellbeing?
A study may imply, that food is indeed important to our spiritual wellbeing.

The survey asked persons to rank practices or otherwise per their personal sense of spiritual fulfillment. It had surprising results for religious institutions and faith communities, for the practices of prayer/meditation and attending worship were ranked among the least fulfilling. While the most fulfilling would become referred to as the 4 Fs:

  • Family;
  • Friends;
  • Fido (companion pets); and
  • Food.

You might be puzzled, or perhaps amused by these 4 Fs. Read the rest of this entry »

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God Provides

This morning, we have one of the most famous stories in all of scripture:
Jesus miraculously feeds a crowd of about 5 thousand people.

Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000 echoes the miraculous feeding performed through Elisha, as read in our Old Testament text.

These stories had me pondering a common phrase heard: “God provides”.

Although it is true that God provides for all our needs, we still bear witness to people who go without clean clothing, food, or shelter in our world. We struggle to reconcile this, because we also desire to distance ourselves from the need; thus, limiting our notion of how God provides for us and neighbor.

Perhaps, the most infamous statement of Pope Francis to date is:

You pray for the hungry. 
Then you feed them.
That is how prayer works. 

God provides abundantly.
We, humans, are stewards of those gifts with the responsibility to ensure all in need have access to and receive the necessary basics: clothing, food, and shelter.

Due to the abundance, it is easy to question why homelessness and hungry exists.  Read the rest of this entry »


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The Lost Things and Broken Pieces


So, I am gonna ask a question here.
How many of you have seen the new Tinkerbell movies?

I figured I may be about the only one with my hand up. I figured that would happen.

So, there is a whole series of Tinkerbell movies, there are four main ones now, and I prefer this Tinkerbell over the Peter Pan Tinkerbell.

She still has the attitude.
She is still feisty.
She still has her temper, but she is not quite as jealous as she was.

You can actually understand her because she talks and it doesn’t simply sound like a bell ringing.

She has some (fairy) friends. She hasn’t made it to Neverland yet, instead she lives in Pixie Hallow with all the other fairies. Read the rest of this entry »

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