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But, Why the Pigs

Earlier this week, I had a text message conversation with my mama.

Me: I have your favorite Bible story this Sunday.
Mama: Yea?
Me: When Jesus casts the demons into the pigs and then they jump off the cliff.
Mama: No!!! Bad!!! Possessing and killing pigs is bad!!!

My mama can intimately relate to the pig farmers in our passage, who are displeased by the actions of Jesus resulting in the loss of their hogs and lively-hood. My mama was and is proud to have been an Indiana pig farmer, who also unfortunately lost the entire herd in one night when lightening struck the metal silo where the pigs were cuddled together.

So, my mama always asks: Why the pigs? What did they ever do to deserve it?

And so, I decided to explore ‘why the pigs’ more deeply this week and I learned there are multiple, significant levels of symbolism.

So, why did Jesus allow these demons to enter into living things instead of an one-way ticket back to the fires of hell? Read the rest of this entry »

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