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Jesus Tempted?

Welcome to Lent, a personally beloved season.
It is not so because of the sober tone and doom and gloom, but despite it.
It is so beloved because it is authentic, reflective, and emphasizes Jesus’ humanity.

The Christian Church professes that Jesus is fully divine and fully human, but it is challenging to wrap our minds around and communicate this divine mystery. Therefore, we have consciously or unconsciously decided to evaluate the divinity of Jesus at the expense of his humanity.

Honestly, it is hard as a helpless, worthless, sinful critter to deeply connect with the divine nature of Jesus.

Yet, this morning we witness Jesus within an universal human experience… temptation.

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Posted by on March 2, 2020 in Sermons


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Voices and Choices

As I was reading our texts for this week, primarily those from Genesis and the Gospel of Mark, the re-occurring theme for me was “voices and choices”. This might seem an odd theme, but a song continued playing in my mind by a favorite artist (not Garth Brooks), Chris Young. The song is “Voices”:

You could say I’m a little bit crazy
You could call me insane
walkin’ ’round with all these whispers
runnin’ ’round here in my brain
I just can’t help by hear ’em
man, I can’t avoid it
I hear voices, I hear voices like

My dad sayin’,
“Work that job but don’t work your life away”
And mama tellin’ me to
drop some cash in the offerin’ plate on Sunday
nd granddad sayin’
“You can have a few but don’t ever cross that line”
Yeah, I hear voices all the time

Turns out I’m pretty dang lucky for all that good advice
those hard-to-find words of wisdom hold up here in my mind
and just when I’ve lost my way or I’ve got too many choices
I hear voices, I hear voices like
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