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Love Enemies? But Some People…

Our scriptural lesson is perhaps the hardest we can be given.

Last week, I talked about Jesus preaching the Sermon on the Plains (or on a level place). It was the Blessings and the Woes. It was the Grand Reversal, a theme throughout the Gospel of Luke.

Our scripture this morning is a continuation of the Sermon on the Plains. It is the same discourse (teaching) and preaching to that same crowd. Yet, our lesson is not only a foundational part of the Gospel of Luke but the scriptures as a whole:

That is Love. However, Jesus does not leave it at “love thy neighbor as yourself”.

The Gospel of John shares Jesus’ new commandment to “love one another” as he first loved us.
This new commandment removed the loophole of ‘since I do not always like or love myself, I do not have to always like or love my neighbors’.

Our Gospel takes the love up a notch with ‘love your enemies’.


Our ‘countdown’ video this morning was an excerpt from a Martin Luther King Jr. speech. He was speaking about Jesus’ teaching to love our enemies. He had bared witness to and was the victim of prejudice.

If we tell ourselves that prejudice based on race or ethnicity, religious faith, our gender (biological sex and gender identity), our sexualities, and our age does not exist today.
We are deceiving ourselves. Read the rest of this entry »

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