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True Joy

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This Sunday was the third Sunday in Advent. We lit the pink candle because the theme of the day is JOY. During our “time with children”, one of the youth noted that hope was mentioned a lot in our texts as well.

Hope (the first candle) is important and goes hand in hand with this concept of joy. Hope is different than being optimistic. Being optimistic is the notion that tomorrow will be better. It is the Scarlett O’Hara affect, countless times she says “I’ll think about that tomorrow, [for] tomorrow is another day”. It is the sense that between now and tomorrow the solution will show up or the problems will melt away. True hope is rooted in a promise that there is a better day, there will be ‘merciful reversal’ where justice will be the norm, where no one will be in need or want. Hope is that one day this will come true while understanding that it probably is not tomorrow.

Similar to our misconceptions about hope, we have misconceptions about joy. Read the rest of this entry »

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