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New Creations & Perfume

I have been called a unicorn, a mythic creature that does not exist.

But, if I am a mythical creature, I do not want to be a unicorn.
I would rather be a Phoenix.

You can blame it on me raised in the Phoenix valley, but that is not the whole of it

The Phoenix, according to legend, self-combusts into flames but is re-created from the ashes stronger, better, more powerful than it was before.

THAT is the purpose of Lent and it is a theme throughout our scriptures this morning.

Our scriptures are about change with the old being undone and cast aside in order for new birth and a new creation.

Be honest, change can be intimidating especially as we grow older and become comfortable in our lives, our sense of security, and aware of expectations.

But, our scriptures tell us ‘toss it away because something new is happening’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ordinary to Extra-Ordinary

Today is the celebration (feast) of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus.

We do have a common theme in our scriptures: water, Water, WATER.

Baptism pre-dates Jesus’ ministry, for John (the Baptizer) was performing baptisms in the Jordon River before Jesus’ baptism and public ministry.

Baptism is a ritual washing for ‘purification’.

Our Isaiah (43) scripture reads ‘when you pass through the waters’. It reminds me that items, especially spoils of war collected, had to be purified.

  • The item was to be passed through and refined in fire.
  • If the item could not survive the fire, you passed it through water.
  • If the item could not survive the water, it was set outside the wall/gate of the city
    for an extended period of time in order that it might be purified by the sun and earth.

I don’t know about you, but I do not think human beings survive ‘passing’ through the fire well, so we are passed through the waters.

Our Psalm (29) is a beautify description of the power in God’s voice manifested in nature:
Lighting, thunder, shaking (earthquake level).

This display is a Theophany, which is a manifestation of a God/Goddess. In Christianity it is the manifestation of God, but particularly as the Triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), which we witness in our Gospel (Luke 3) of Jesus’ baptism.

The epiphany today, in this season of epiphanies, may be Jesus’ alone. Read the rest of this entry »

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