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Seeking Justice, Speaking Truth to Power

We have an uncomfortable theme echoed throughout the whole of scripture, but highlighted this morning. That theme is “seeking justice, speaking truth to power”.

“Seeking justice” is one of our baptismal promises, but in the words of Luther:
‘What does this mean?’.

Our Psalm poses the same question in a cosmic drama, involving God before a panel of gods or spiritual beings. God, in an accusative tone, inquires:

  • When will YOU stop judging unjustly?
  • When will YOU stop favoring the wicked?

Honestly, God asks us these same questions.

God, then, instructs the panel and humankind about the proper use of our time, energy, talents, and treasures. In short, to seek justice by

  1. saving the vulnerable;
  2. defending the vulnerable; and
  3. rescuing and releasing the vulnerable from the hands of their oppressors.

Those, including ourselves, with power, authority, and privilege have the call and responsibility to seek justice for the vulnerable.

Those, including ourselves, who benefit from the abuse, oppression, or dehumanization of another, have the call and responsibility to confess AND to repent.

Unfortunately, in order to answer the call and embrace our responsibilities, our eyes, ears, and hearts must be exposed to the truth.

Jeremiah, the weeping prophet, understood that the political powers, their prophets, the religious authorities, and the people (including ourselves) do not desire the truth. We prefer the sunshine and rose filled illusions provided by the false prophets. Read the rest of this entry »

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Motivated by Christ’s Heart

As I prepared this week, a single phrase continued to echo in my mind “he was moved by compassion” for the people.

Within our scripture, we heard about the need to care for ourselves with the reoccurring theme of rest and restoration. Jesus, through out scripture, seeks to escape the crowds in order to recharge his own batteries.

Jesus had sent his disciples out to proclaim the Word. If not openly welcomed by the community, the disciples were instructed to simply shake the dust from their sandals and to move along to the next community. In our passage, the disciples have returned from their adventures and are excitedly telling Jesus of the proclamations preached, the miracles performed, and the healing of the people. Jesus replies “It is great that you listened and now it is time to rest.”

We forget at times about those needed pauses in scripture.

At one time, I saw a Facebook meme that read:

I was talking to a pastor that said he never takes a day off because the devil doesn’t either.
I said “you might want to get a new role model”. 
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You Want the Truth?

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Our texts this week came from Jeremiah 23. Where there is a contrast between the false prophet that speaks into the hopes and the dreams of the people. So they hear exactly what they want to hear. And the true prophet who speaks the light of God’s truth into our dark world, which may not be quite ready or willing to hear.

Psalm 82, God is before a council of demi-gods or humans with significant power and influence. [And] God asks them, ‘how long will you reward the wicked? how long will you continue to let injustice rule? how long will you continue to accept the oppression of the oppressed?’ Read the rest of this entry »

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