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Distractions & False Teachers

Rob (an elder) informed me that before I am allowed to go on vacation, he must first approve the scriptures he will be preaching because last week was the widow’s mite (e.g. money). I asked him if he would prefer to preach on the end of the world (as we know it)?

Our scripture is not happy, it is gloomy and scary.
It is the day each generation believes is coming and yet we pray it is not in our own lifetime.

These scriptures had me pondering that these are about not being distracted despite Jesus’ warnings of earthquakes, famines, and those who might lead us astray.

Our Daniel texts speaks of the resurrection, which is people coming out of their graves… but I hope it will not be zombies!

The conversations of zombies, natural disasters, lack of necessary resources, and those who led us astray are all distractions.

We live in a chaotic time of social anxiety and unrest.
As much as I would love to say “as never experienced before”…
that would be a lie.

As a nation we have had such times of social anxiety, unrest and chaos. In times of chaos, we attempt to find our anchors that hold us steadfast and prevent being distracted by the “signs” that the end is near.

I think about the chaos of the 1960s and 1970s, but one story in particular.

As a side note about looking back, hindsight is 20 20.
I will try not to get too far ahead of myself.

My grandmother and her sister were raised in Richmond (approx. 30 miles away), where they attended Richmond High School. A classmate asked her sister (e.g. my great-aunt) out on a date. She rejected him, but he briefly dated one of her friends.

He was smart and charismatic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Crime, Violence, and Faith

Do you watch the news?

Do you read the news from a newspaper or online?

Honestly, I will assume that at one point or another you have been exposed to the news of your community, your state, our nation, and the international world.

Our Unfortunate Human Reality:

The lightning speed, media filled reality of our 21st century does not permit us to escape, to flee, or to ignore the dark realities of our sin displayed as the horrors of crime and violence.

What horrific realities have you experienced either through the media or more personally?

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