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Open Our Eyes: Pandemic Edition

The Scripture begun with a question of the people.

  • It is a question that was pondered for centuries before Jesus and continues to be centuries after Jesus.
  • It is a question that influences not only the human-God relationship, but also the human-human relationship.
  • It is a question rooted within Theodicy, the ‘fancy’ language for
    ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ or ‘why does suffering exist?’.

The people had presumed (and we often continue to presume) that suffering is caused by God as a punishment for sin, or even for a lack of faith. Therefore, the people inquire if the man born blind was punished for his own sins or those of his parents.

It is significant to note, Jesus denounces that the blindness was a result of sin, whether his own, his parents, or even his ancestors.

Jesus heals the man, in order to demonstrate the glory and the power of God.

Unfortunately, the man and his parents are extensively questioned by the religious elite. According to John, the religious elite are seeking an answer or witness that would condemn Jesus as a demonic and not the Messiah. Their argument is that Jesus must not be from God, because a holy man would never heal on the Sabbath in accordance with the law, or teaching.

Jesus shifts the dialogue in the Scriptures from physical sight to spiritual sight. Read the rest of this entry »

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Unexpected and Exposing the Darkness

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This week I had a couple of themes interwoven into my sermon.

The first theme begins with 1 Samuel 16. Samuel, a prophet of our Lord, anoints David as king while King Saul is still on the throne.

David not of the royal family, but of a family of shepherds. David was the youngest of eight sons and the runt of the litter, not who we would imagine God choosing as our king. We know the mighty things that David would come to do. We also know how flawed and sinful of a man he was.  A Dominican (Catholic Order) monk classmate once said “you can sin like King David, if you can repent like him”. Read the rest of this entry »

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