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Holy? Perfect? Complete Wholeness

Holy? Perfect? Complete Wholeness


All of our texts this week had a common theme that isn’t at first evident.

We begin with Leviticus 19. We don’t like Leviticus. We struggle to work with it as it is THE legal code and our passage was from the Holiness Code. We all cherry-pick the law based on our own understanding of what is right and what is wrong and what we can justify. Our passage today was about not stripping the vineyard or the fields empty, in order that the poor, the alien, the immigrant in our community would be able to eat from it; thus, serving those in need. The passage left out was about animal sacrifice and we cut it short before it addressed not cutting our hair, not wearing fabric made of mixed materials, body modifications like piercings and tattoos.

At coffee hour, one of my members asked how many sets of piercings do I have; the answer is four. They jokingly said ‘I am not going  to ask how many tattoos you have’; well, that answer is also four. Read the rest of this entry »

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