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We are in this time of post-Resurrection stories of Jesus the Christ.

Our scripture last Sunday was the infamous “Doubting Thomas”. Thomas had one moment of doubt and a lifetime of service, but is remembered for that one moment of doubt. Perhaps, we have been quick to judge Thomas because his doubt was shared by all the disciples according to our scripture this morning (Luke 24: 36-48).

Jesus the Christ appears in the locked (dark) room and says “peace be with you”. These disciples, similar to Thomas, are wondering what is happening. These disciples, similar to Thomas and ourselves, do not expect our deceased loved ones to be resurrected and to suddenly appear to us in a locked and darkened room.

Therefore, these disciples begin to say within their hearts and minds “this must be the ghost (“spirit”) of our teacher (Rabbi)”. The disciples do not voice this doubt, and yet Jesus knows it.

Jesus asks ‘why do doubts arise? I am not a ghost. See! Look at my hands and feet for I am bone and flesh’.

This raises a question for me: how did Jesus get into the locked room?

NO WONDER the disciples are trying to figure out what is happening.
NO WONDER doubt arises within their minds and hearts.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Our ‘Road to Emmaus’


Last week, we had a beloved and familiar text from the Gospel of John which was ‘Doubting Thomas’. I talked about ‘doubting’ Thomas as one seeking to understand what was happening. I talked about Paul Tillich’s statement that “Doubt is not the opposite of faith; doubt is an element of faith” (The Dynamics of Faith, 1957).

This week, we have another very beloved and familiar story but we detour into the Gospel of Luke. We actually rewind a little bit as well, because this is the day of the Resurrection. It is one of my most beloved (favorite) stories, it is the ‘Road to Emmaus’.  I am going to ask us to do a little imagining of our own this morning.

Imagine that we are walking on a dirt path leading out of the holy city of Jerusalem to a small village called Emmaus. Its going to be about a seven mile walk.

We’re mourning. We’re in grief. We’re fearful and we’re confused. Read the rest of this entry »

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