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Voices and Choices

As I was reading our texts for this week, primarily those from Genesis and the Gospel of Mark, the re-occurring theme for me was “voices and choices”. This might seem an odd theme, but a song continued playing in my mind by a favorite artist (not Garth Brooks), Chris Young. The song is “Voices”:

You could say I’m a little bit crazy
You could call me insane
walkin’ ’round with all these whispers
runnin’ ’round here in my brain
I just can’t help by hear ’em
man, I can’t avoid it
I hear voices, I hear voices like

My dad sayin’,
“Work that job but don’t work your life away”
And mama tellin’ me to
drop some cash in the offerin’ plate on Sunday
nd granddad sayin’
“You can have a few but don’t ever cross that line”
Yeah, I hear voices all the time

Turns out I’m pretty dang lucky for all that good advice
those hard-to-find words of wisdom hold up here in my mind
and just when I’ve lost my way or I’ve got too many choices
I hear voices, I hear voices like
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True Sabbath

I was amused as I prepared for this morning, because it can be challenging for a Christian pastor to preach about Sunday as Sabbath or a day of rest. It is the primary and most visible workday of our week, but we also had the Indiana-Kentucky Synod Assembly this week.

The Sabbath, thankfully, is not restricted to a certain calendar day of the week; however, we are still called to take a day of sabbath (rest) weekly.

  • The Israelites and modern Jewish adherents observe Friday (sundown) until Saturday (sundown) as Sabbath.
  • Muslim adherents observe Friday as Sabbath.
  • Christian adherents tend to observe Sunday as Sabbath.

Thus, I was amused as I prepared because Saturday is often my sabbath and the Indiana-Kentucky Synod Assembly was Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Thus, the Sunday a year that sabbath rest is our scriptural focus there was no sabbath rest at hand for me. I wonder if other clergy found it amusing as well.

We, as people of faith, have this mandate or commandment to ‘take a weekly day of rest’, BUT how many of us hold to it?

I literally see two hands. It is interesting to note, it is the youngest among us who are receiving their sabbath rest. (These were ages 3 and 7).

As I pondered our lack of sabbath rest, a song came to mind. Read the rest of this entry »

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