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Motivated by Christ’s Heart

As I prepared this week, a single phrase continued to echo in my mind “he was moved by compassion” for the people.

Within our scripture, we heard about the need to care for ourselves with the reoccurring theme of rest and restoration. Jesus, through out scripture, seeks to escape the crowds in order to recharge his own batteries.

Jesus had sent his disciples out to proclaim the Word. If not openly welcomed by the community, the disciples were instructed to simply shake the dust from their sandals and to move along to the next community. In our passage, the disciples have returned from their adventures and are excitedly telling Jesus of the proclamations preached, the miracles performed, and the healing of the people. Jesus replies “It is great that you listened and now it is time to rest.”

We forget at times about those needed pauses in scripture.

At one time, I saw a Facebook meme that read:

I was talking to a pastor that said he never takes a day off because the devil doesn’t either.
I said “you might want to get a new role model”. 
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Speaking Truth to Power

Death of John the Baptist (video)

On Facebook this week, a colleague posed the questions:

  • where is the good news in this text?
  • will you avoid the Gospel and preach another scripture?

It is hard to see the Good News in such scriptures as we read this morning.

John the Baptist is a beloved figure within the Christian church and faith. He is beheaded for being obedient to God’s vocation/calling for his life, it is to speak the truth even to those in power.

It is a story as old as our human history.

Within our scriptures, the prophets of old speak truth to the religious leaders and kings of their time and place, who had and abused their power and authority.

The vocation of a prophet is not easy.

It is easy, however, for us to desire and attempt to leave that history and vocation in the Old Testament. Yet, the truth is that the themes and patterns repeat themselves and individuals are called forth to continue that history, vocation, mission, and ministry of John the Baptist and the prophets of old.

There are several examples within our history.

Jesus the Christ
Jesus the Christ was a prophet speaking truth to the power of his time and place. Ultimately, it led to his crucifixion.

But, we do not have to go that far in time and place to bear witness to it.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Rejected? Shake It Off!

As I prepared for this sermon, I had a direction planned.

This morning, something has been working on me to change the illustration but not the destination. I am hoping the ‘something’ is the Holy Spirit, so bear with me.

Our scriptures are challenging to hear and yet more challenging to live.
These scriptures address our need to be vulnerable, to share our weaknesses, and how to deal with rejection.

We need to explore:

  • What is Jesus calling us to do?
  • How do we respond?
  • Why are we called?
  • What is the goal?

Jesus, within these scriptures, is calling us further into our baptismal promise to proclaim the WORD of God in our words and actions.

How do we respond?
We seek justice, act with compassion and mercy, and love and serve ALL people.

BUT, it goes deeper than that.

Jesus is calling us to embrace and share our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, which risks being rejected not only by those who do not know us but also those closest to us.

Therefore, I want to share a recent experience but in order to do that I must go back several years.

You may not know this, but I have a learning disability, a speech impediment, and came from a family without means having been raised by a single mother who worked up to three jobs at a time (1 full-time & 2 part-time) to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs, and shoes on our feet.

We had our challenges.  Read the rest of this entry »

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