The similarities in our Isaiah and Matthew scriptures are undeniable, and yet these have striking differences. These scriptures use the agricultural imagery of a beautiful vineyard provided by a landowner who carefully prepared the ground, cultivated the soil, and planted the best grape seed. This landowner also anticipated a long-term, relational venture with the security… Continue reading Vineyards


Priests, Tax Collectors, & Prostitutes Walk into a Bar…

YouTube The chief priests, the tax collectors, and the prostitutes all walk into a bar. It sounds like the start to a bad joke, right? We'll get back to that. This text today reminded me about a continuing education event I went to in Minnesota shortly after starting here at Gloria Dei. The theme was… Continue reading Priests, Tax Collectors, & Prostitutes Walk into a Bar…


Dark Room or Tomb?

YouTube Video Sunday was Palm Sunday and we celebrated it as both Palm and Passion Sunday, embracing the whole of Holy Week primarily focusing on Maundy Thursday [and] Good Friday. We begun the service with Christ entering triumphantly into the holy city and making preparations for Passover, which Passover this year begins today for our Jewish… Continue reading Dark Room or Tomb?