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Sorting the Wheat and Weeds


Today, we have another one of those agricultural parables.

Last week, we had one about good soil, about seeds being thrown out as many would consider kind of foolishly. Some landing on a rocky path to be ate by birds; some falling in shallow soil, where they grow quickly but are easily uprooted; And others that fall among weeds and thorns, and they grow but are choked out by the worries and concerns of the world.

Today, we have the one of the wheat and the weeds.

I am not good at growing plants. If it doesn’t make noise, I tend to forget to take care of it. But, I do know that you don’t usually want to let weeds hang out in our garden. And yet, that is precisely what we have in our parable today.

Why wouldn’t it be easy to identify what these weeds are in comparison to wheat?
There seems to be a question about how to remove it without taking the good wheat along with it.

In Jesus’ time, there was a common practice of revenge which was to take seeds for darnel which is a weed, a poisonous weed, that looks like wheat. The common practice of revenge in that day was to planet these bad seeds among the good seeds of your enemy so that when the wheat started growing, the weeds would be growing right along side. It was challenging to tell the difference.

I don’t think that is too hard of a concept for us to get in our time and in our place. Read the rest of this entry »

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