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The Rock and The Keys

The Rock and The Keys

We have several different things in our texts, including the chance to jump through several rabbit holes of questions, answers, and discerning what the text is trying to teach us in our time and place.

I want to focus on two significant images/symbols in our texts: the Rock and the Keys.

The “Rock”:
In Isaiah 51, we’re told to look to the “rock” from which we were curved out of or came from, and then it talks about Abraham and Sarah, our ancestors in faith who witnessed to God, who God is, and God’s power throughout our history. We think of this “rock” as a foundation, which is strong and unmoving.

In the Gospel, we see the “rock” again. During the biblical times, the power of a name was extremely significant for you named a child after qualities you hoped the child would have. In our Scriptures, there are times when a person’s name is changed because who they “are” is not necessarily who they are being called to be. We witness this in our Gospel. Read the rest of this entry »


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Feed & Tend: The Demands of Discipleship

Text- John 21: 15-19

Let’s recap:
On Trinity Sunday, I mentioned discipleship as our participation in the Trinity’s dance.
Last Sunday, I shared the unpleasant realities of discipleship.

This Sunday, our texts are easier to embrace but perhaps not easier to live.

Can you imagine this conversation between Christ and Peter? I can.

Christ asks, “Peter, how much do you love me?”
Peter replies, “I love you a lot.”

“Ok, Peter, prove it.”
“Anything, Lord, just name it.”

“Peter, feed and tend my lambs and sheep?”
“But, Lord, what lambs and sheep? You are not a shepherd.”

“Metaphor, metaphor, metaphor. Remember, Peter, I am the Good Shepherd. The people are my lambs and my sheep.”
Peter, embracing his name by being as dense as a rock, “Of course, who all are your people?”  Read the rest of this entry »

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