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The Power of the WORD

The Power of the WORD
Countdown Video was “History 101: The Protestant Reformation” by National Geographic


  1. You will notice I have notecards, which is not my normal.
    When I start talking about the lesser known elements of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, and Lutheran teachings it is like chasing a white rabbit down one rabbit-hole into another. Then baked goods and potions that either enlarge or shrink me appear and the Queen of Hearts begins to chase me yelling “off with her head” (Alice in Wonderland reference). Thus, the notecards are to help me avoid all those rabbit-holes.
  2.  Reformation history often paints the Catholic Church negatively.
    Sorry! Martin Luther was not alone in believing and teaching that the Catholic Church, at that time, was corrupt. However, it has been 501 years since the Protestant Reformation begun in Germany.

    The Catholic and Protestant Churches have undergone and experienced changes during those 500 years. Therefore, I would hope that we can talk about the Reformation, Martin Luther, and Lutheran teaching in a manner that does not bash on our Catholic brothers and sisters.

  3. Martin Luther was a horribly flawed person.
    Although I accept and embrace much of Martin Luther’s writing and teachings, I must admit he was a horribly flawed person.

    Luther wrote evil, incorrect information that incited violence against our Catholic, Anabaptist, and Jewish brothers and sisters. As Lutherans, especially considering the mass shooting at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg yesterday (27 Oct. 2018), we must acknowledge these writings, repent from these, and seek reconciliation with our brothers and sisters.
    We need to speak out against such hate and violence.

But, despite these disclaimers there is much that can be celebrated about the Protestant Reformation (16th century).  Read the rest of this entry »

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Awaking the Sleeping Gaint

This is Reformation Sunday, which is historically the celebration of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Thesis to the Church door.

In my experience, Reformation sermons have emphasized either the John text that “the truth will set you free”, Reformation history, or basking in Lutheran victory.

Yet, basking in Lutheran victory might be rooted in a fairytale of our imagination. Yes, the Lutheran faith has survived nearly 500 years, yet vast populations have little to no knowledge of Lutheranism. Further, the harsh reality is that the Evangelical Lutheran Church is America (ELCA) is dwindling and the average age of practitioners is on the rise. Unfortunately, these realities have struck essentially all Mainline Protestant Churches.

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