Religion in Media

Crime, Violence, and Faith

Do you watch the news? Do you read the news from a newspaper or online? Honestly, I will assume that at one point or another you have been exposed to the news of your community, your state, our nation, and the international world. Our Unfortunate Human Reality: The lightning speed, media filled reality of our… Continue reading Crime, Violence, and Faith


Encounters with Latter Day Saints

The Republican president nominee, Mitt Romney, is an adherent to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS, aka Mormons). Accordingly, this has sparked a renewed fascination in the American public and media about this religious organization. However, this fascination is not the cause of this post. A few evenings ago, I was… Continue reading Encounters with Latter Day Saints


The Toil + Fruits of Discipleship

Text(s): Galatians 5:1, 13-25 and Luke 9:51-62 In the memories of the recent past the heart of Gilbert was agriculture. During the 1920s, the town of Gilbert was internationally recognized as the “Hay Capital of the World”; however, the agricultural presence diminished throughout the decades. As a country girl and a farmer’s daughter to whom… Continue reading The Toil + Fruits of Discipleship