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Sanctuary Church: CWA Reflection

I resonate with Martin Luther in moments such as this, for Luther was known to address concerns due to the demands of the people rather than from his own interests/passions. If my own interests/passions were leading the Church-Wide Assembly reflections, I would not begin with the “Sanctuary” decision…
But I will expand on that later. Let us not put the cart before the horse.

On Sunday (Aug. 11 – Sermon), I noted that that the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and specifically the Church-Wide Assembly Voting Members in certain locations would have some explainin’ to do.

I was a voting member. I was also one asked to explain.
[I offer for those so inclined, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton’s Talking Points.]

On Monday morning, I received an email that the ELCA “Sanctuary” decision disturbed a household and ‘how can the church feel that we are above the law?’.

Thus, I thought it might be best to simply share the relatively brief response I wrote, although I realize it does not begin to do justice to the complicated topic.

Please note: None of the proposed action is illegal or unlawful. Read the rest of this entry »

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