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Be Still?

Advent is a favorite of mine in the church year, but it is also when the Church and the world may be at odds the most.

Advent is a time of preparation that prepares our homes, hearts, and souls to welcome Christ. But, any time we prepare to welcome guests our life gets a little crazy.

So, it is not a surprise that December seems to be the busiest month for all of us.
We are busy preparing for Christmas with lights, trees, and presents.
We are busy preparing for loved ones to visit us OR for us to visit loved ones.

AND that is above and beyond our normal, everyday responsibilities that we cannot simply walk away from be it work, school, or loved ones.

And yet, the Church in scriptures and tone is quite the opposite calling for us to be still, to be quiet, to be patient and await the arrival of Christ.

There was a magnet in the kitchen of my home church that read:
“Look busy! Jesus is coming!”

This summarizes every Advent… Look busy! Jesus is coming! Read the rest of this entry »

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Keep Alert & Work On


It is Advent! You either love or hate Advent. Advent is one of those times when the Church and society are not on the same page.

We in our everyday lives are making preparations for Christmas. Then when Christmas day finally arrives, we ready for the decorations to come down, the house back to be back in order, and to get back to our everyday lives. We are busy in this time of busy-ness which includes buying presents, wrapping them, social engagements, are we are always going to and from somewhere.

However in the Church, we say “Slow Down”. Advent is about preparations for the ultimate house guest, primarily in our hearts, which is Christ. It is time to slow down. Christmas morning is the beginning of Christmas lasting 12 days.

Advent is two sides for the same coin. We are all excited about the Christ child as the baby in the manger, who wouldn’t be excited about this? Yet, Advent does not begin there. Advent begins with texts that are less than warm and fuzzy, but with a text telling us to stay alert and be prepared for you never know when the Messiah will return. We refer to this side as the Second Coming. During these four weeks of Advent, we hold these in tension: the Christ child and the Second Coming. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jeremiah’s Words in the 21st Century

text: Jeremiah 33:14-16 (see below)“The days are surely coming” conveys the sense of anticipation and preparation that is the Advent Season. Yet, what are we anticipating and preparing for?

In general, Advent is a double-edged, paradoxical sword.

On the one edge, Christians are commemorating the original coming of the Messiah. This original coming of the Christ child that would deliver humanity from sin through death and resurrection.

On the other edge, Advent is eschatological. Eschatology is the theology concerned with the “final” events in the history of the world and/or humanity. These final events have more commonly been referred to as the “Second Coming”, the “Last Judgment”, and the “End Times”.

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