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Feed & Tend: The Demands of Discipleship

Text- John 21: 15-19

Let’s recap:
On Trinity Sunday, I mentioned discipleship as our participation in the Trinity’s dance.
Last Sunday, I shared the unpleasant realities of discipleship.

This Sunday, our texts are easier to embrace but perhaps not easier to live.

Can you imagine this conversation between Christ and Peter? I can.

Christ asks, “Peter, how much do you love me?”
Peter replies, “I love you a lot.”

“Ok, Peter, prove it.”
“Anything, Lord, just name it.”

“Peter, feed and tend my lambs and sheep?”
“But, Lord, what lambs and sheep? You are not a shepherd.”

“Metaphor, metaphor, metaphor. Remember, Peter, I am the Good Shepherd. The people are my lambs and my sheep.”
Peter, embracing his name by being as dense as a rock, “Of course, who all are your people?”  Read the rest of this entry »

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The (Unpleasant) Realities of Discipleship

Romans 6: 1b – 11
Matthew 10: 24 – 39

Last Sunday (Trinity Sunday), I suggested that our participation in the Trinity’s dance was discipleship. Well, discipleship is the reoccurring theme this morning, next Sunday, and the Sunday after that.

Our text this morning, however, does not paint a glamorous picture of “accept Jesus and all your problems will magically disappear”. Our texts, instead, are painting an unpleasant, yet realistic picture of “follow Jesus and your hardships may multiple”. But, perhaps we should pause and take a few steps back.

Matthew’s tenth chapter opened with Jesus summoning the disciples, who he gave the authority (or power) to exercise unclean spirits and to heal all illness; but with great power comes great responsibility. These disciples are personally responsible for Jesus’ mission of proclaiming the gospel, the good news, to the lost sheep. Yet, Jesus warns them that this mission is not always easy or pretty, but instead of sugar-coating it he offers the down-and-dirty worse-case-scenario. We enter the text at this “reality check” of a discipleship guided by the gospel in opposition to our worldly powers (that be).   Read the rest of this entry »

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