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Holistic Stewardship

The word ‘stewardship’ has inherited the baggage of ‘financial campaign’ and has become a dreaded and dirty word amongst communities of faith. Stewardship seems to invoke the image of church leadership shaking its members for additional funds until they are financial exhausted. This image is disconcerting for those in the pews, church leadership, and the… Continue reading Holistic Stewardship


Time, Energy, & Talent Stewardship

This Lenten season, we are focusing on Holistic Stewardship, which is: the good management of financial/material resources and our time, energy, and talents to care for, love, and serve our neighbors, all people, and the entire creation for the sake of God's realm that is here, near, and not yet fulfilled (see 1 Corinthians 4:1-2).… Continue reading Time, Energy, & Talent Stewardship