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Speaking Truth to Power

Death of John the Baptist (video)

On Facebook this week, a colleague posed the questions:

  • where is the good news in this text?
  • will you avoid the Gospel and preach another scripture?

It is hard to see the Good News in such scriptures as we read this morning.

John the Baptist is a beloved figure within the Christian church and faith. He is beheaded for being obedient to God’s vocation/calling for his life, it is to speak the truth even to those in power.

It is a story as old as our human history.

Within our scriptures, the prophets of old speak truth to the religious leaders and kings of their time and place, who had and abused their power and authority.

The vocation of a prophet is not easy.

It is easy, however, for us to desire and attempt to leave that history and vocation in the Old Testament. Yet, the truth is that the themes and patterns repeat themselves and individuals are called forth to continue that history, vocation, mission, and ministry of John the Baptist and the prophets of old.

There are several examples within our history.

Jesus the Christ
Jesus the Christ was a prophet speaking truth to the power of his time and place. Ultimately, it led to his crucifixion.

But, we do not have to go that far in time and place to bear witness to it.  Read the rest of this entry »

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True Worship: Justice, Kindness, Walk Humbly

True Worship: Justice, Kindness, Walk Humbly


I struggled this week with our texts in light of our world.

Our gospel text was Matthew 5, Matthew draws some similarities between Moses and Christ. Moses went up the mountain into the presence of God, received the Torah (teaching) and brought it down to the people. In Jesus’ first act of public ministry, he brings the people up the mountain into the presence of God to teach.

He begins his Sermon on the Mount with a beloved text, the Beatitudes. Blessed, Holy, Honored are those who are poor in spirit, meek, peacemakers, and persecuted on my behalf.

I am not meek. I don’t like drama, but I am also known to not compromise simply for the sake of keeping the peace. It got me thinking about how often Christians are criticized for being hypocrites, for not upholding those teachings we profess. This brings me to Micah. Read the rest of this entry »

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