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Trinity Teaching: What is it?

Our Presiding Bishop, Elizabeth Eaton, has pre-recorded a sermon (click here).

I have chosen to preach, actually teach, on this Trinity Sunday. I am more a ‘teacher’ than a ‘preacher’ anyways.

In an ecumenical text study, I was met with facial expressions questioning my sanity as I shared that I would probably not be utilizing the Presiding Bishop’s sermon in the service.

Then, I had a conversation with my mama. She had been ‘blowing the mind’ of a colleague while discussing our sacred history in scripture and the Trinity, primarily her questions. He asked if she was the annoying child who questioned the pastor, but she admitted that she did not have these questions until adulthood including:

  1. If Jesus is God incarnate in human flesh, who is Jesus praying to in the garden?
  2. If Jesus is God incarnate in human flesh, who does he scream out to from the cross?
  3. If Jesus is God, how can he be seated at the right hand of himself?

I, however, was proudly the annoying child questioning the pastor and faith formation leaders. Now, as a supposed adult, I continue to question and can speak hours and hours and hours on religion and theology… if only given the opportunity, but when I begin with the “-ologies” and “-isms”, my mama reminds me to ‘break it down potato head style’ for her.

Yet, I cannot sufficiently offer an understanding or image of the Trinity, but it is a significant mystery of faith that I LOVE to ponder often. Read the rest of this entry »

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