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Our scriptures reflect a tension that exists within our discipleship, vocations, and lives in general. It is a tension that is held between rest and restlessness, between rest and service.

In the previous weeks, we have explored our co-mission and its high cost, for the cost of discipleship can shatter valued relationships, cause scorn, and for a few physical death.

This morning, we have the yoke of discipleship.

A yoke is a device that joins two or more creatures, often oxen, together as partners in mission and labor. It is used to increase their cooperation in sharing the labor of pulling heavy equipment or a burdensome load. Thus, the yoke has become symbolic of constraining, burdensome labor and servitude.

Within our Matthew scripture, Jesus utilizes the yoke as a metaphor for our relationship, particularly regarding our shared mission, ministry, and baptismal vocation to proclaim Christ in word and deed, to seek justice, to act with compassion and mercy, and to love and serve all people.

Perhaps, we may understand it best within our own personal, human-human, Read the rest of this entry »

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